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Instructions and Help about Form W-2 2021 Printable

Hey youtube peace and prosperity to all gotta be with you and may seek the everlasting God for you and I stir you wrong then you would go you with his everlasting eye that being said guys let's get down to business shall we never last the Lord and I'll save you Jesus Christ okay guys this is what's new - I call it the Treasury of was the Treasury of Jesus account but I call it the Treasury I was calling it the Treasury of Timothy because he gave to me the authority to hold the count and to know who what when where and why okay so these are the things that we're gonna need for the 2018-2021 instruction general instructions perform w2 and w3 okay and this is your UCC okay say this is your UCC it's what you need okay we're gonna go down the line I didn't expect this one to be out first but since it's here we're gonna just do that to come okay it's a be a secured creditor says what you need you need a UCC financing statement on as the EZ see that's one your farm fifty sixty a promissory notes these are your notes that you're gonna need okay this isn't just a formula that I came up with I believe this is what everlasting God showed me and I also believe that this is how I was supposed to be done okay so we're just connecting the pieces of the puzzle we're getting everything together so that we can live abroad okay so you neon the minute you promise promise ain't no fun eliminate UCC financing statement see a statement you need to die arrest what you will use every year okay that's what makes us responsible okay and how you say makes us secure and our notes okay cuz we're not going we're not being feuless okay we're not being ignorant with it and then you got your personal big nose those are unlimited okay because you could make as many of those as you might you can make a thousand dollars a day all the way into the end of the year or whatever the case may be okay this is what you need for your UCC okay make sure you guys get this make sure you guys right so this is how we conduct business in commerce okay and if you decide operate a small business because God decided to be fruitful with you and spray your fruit among his children okay cuz what you had was good then I recommend going for LLC because they'll make you exempt okay as the secured party and the creditor okay to the to the business that you hope or DBA has doing business as okay cuz you do business as you go do business as in all caps and as the fiduciary hold the to the relationship to your to your notes and all this.